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Major Problems with Middle Market Insurance. Part One: Cost. Why the First Price is Rarely the Best Price.

A thought experiment…Imagine two parties are negotiating a sophisticated contract. One party negotiates hundreds of such contracts every day and has substantial market knowledge regarding costs and optional terms available. The other party has little or no prior experience. Finally, imagine that an intermediary is helping to memorialize the terms of that negotiation and the...

Health Action Council Conference

Changing Times in the Benefits World – what path should Employers follow?

On February 16, 2017, Eric Krieg, president of Risk International Benefits Advisors, spoke at the Health Action Council annual conference on “Benefits Plans: The Silent Killer of Your Employees’ Disposable Income – New Rules for Benefits Management.”  Eric’s presentation highlighted proprietary data from a recent Risk International Benefits Advisors (RIBA) study which analyzed 10 years...


Our New President to Fix Health Care?

There is a clear philosophical difference between our two main political parties, and these differences will affect key aspects of health care, such as the role of government vs. commercial enterprises. This will influence very important aspects of how citizens procure health care. However, make no mistake, our health care dilemma is all about its...

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Risk International Congratulates Brandt Stiggins, Our IRONMAN!

Brandt Stiggins, Benefits Advisor, at Risk International competed in the IRONMAN World Championship on October 8, 2016 in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii.  Just being able to compete is not an easy feat. Brandt gained entry in the championship race by having excellent finishing times at two qualifying IRONMAN triathlon events.  The triathlon is composed of a 2.4-mile...

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Risk International Benefits Advisory Growing with Krieg at Helm

In 2014 Eric Krieg founded the industry’s first benefits advisory services practice of its kind at Risk International. Since then, the practice known as RIBA (Risk International Benefits Advisory) has grown as a result of the team’s independence from the industry and non-traditional approach to benefits management, leading to significant cost savings for clients. Skilled...

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Risk Management in the Sharing Economy

At the end of 2015, the Oxford English Dictionary released its list of words of the year. Although the actual winner was not even a word (it was an emoji), what got my attention was one of the runners up: “sharing economy.” Oxford defines the sharing economy as: “An economic system in which assets or...


Voluntary Insurance Pays…But Who Benefits?

In a benefits landscape that is full of challenges, it’s time to call out plans and services that either no longer serve a productive purpose for employer funds and/or are wasting valuable employee dollars and employer resources. There are several benefits plans that many of you offer to employees that aren’t much better than playing...


Risk International Promotes Todd Miller to President

Todd Miller has been promoted to President of Risk International, Inc. by its board of directors. In his new role, Miller will oversee the five business units of the company which provides independent, outsourced risk management and benefits advisory services to Fortune 500 and mid-market enterprises with complex risk management and benefits challenges. “Since joining...


Risk International Named Among 2015 Weatherhead 100

Our clients like that we get results – from seven-figure savings to new, more effective benefits plans. That’s something that has helped our reputation as skilled risk managers and insurance industry disruptors grow throughout our global footprint. And it’s this growth that led to Risk International being named among the Weatherhead 100 – a prestigious...

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Blanket Insurance: What You Don’t Know Could End Up Costing You Millions

As we head into the chill autumn weather, I thought it appropriate to discuss the importance of having a warm blanket when it comes to your property insurance. Mid-market businesses are often neither aware that their property insurance may be written on a coverage-by-coverage or specific insurance basis nor are they aware of the distinct...