Health Action Council Conference

Changing Times in the Benefits World – what path should Employers follow?

On February 16, 2017, Eric Krieg, president of Risk International Benefits Advisors, spoke at the Health Action Council annual conference on “Benefits Plans: The Silent Killer of Your Employees’ Disposable Income – New Rules for Benefits Management.”  Eric’s presentation highlighted proprietary data from a recent Risk International Benefits Advisors (RIBA) study which analyzed 10 years...

Stiggins Ironman1a

Risk International Congratulates Brandt Stiggins, Our IRONMAN!

Brandt Stiggins, Benefits Advisor, at Risk International competed in the IRONMAN World Championship on October 8, 2016 in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii.  Just being able to compete is not an easy feat. Brandt gained entry in the championship race by having excellent finishing times at two qualifying IRONMAN triathlon events.  The triathlon is composed of a 2.4-mile...

BenefitsRisk Management

Risk International Benefits Advisory Growing with Krieg at Helm

In 2014 Eric Krieg founded the industry’s first benefits advisory services practice of its kind at Risk International. Since then, the practice known as RIBA (Risk International Benefits Advisory) has grown as a result of the team’s independence from the industry and non-traditional approach to benefits management, leading to significant cost savings for clients. Skilled...


Voluntary Insurance Pays…But Who Benefits?

In a benefits landscape that is full of challenges, it’s time to call out plans and services that either no longer serve a productive purpose for employer funds and/or are wasting valuable employee dollars and employer resources. There are several benefits plans that many of you offer to employees that aren’t much better than playing...


The Cadillac tax is a joke, right?!

No — the acceptance of our healthcare costs is the real joke! Unfortunately people are missing the point that the tax hits only after you have exceeded $10,200 for an individual and $27,500 for a family in annual cost. Where is the outrage regarding these types of costs for healthcare? Who can possibly rationalize that...

6 Strategies to Beat the Market as Merger Mania Hits Benefits Industry

6 Strategies to Beat the Market as Merger Mania Hits Benefits Industry

Aetna acquires Humana, Anthem to buy Cigna, United Healthcare buys Catamaran, CVS buys Omnicare, Rite Aid acquires EnvisionRx and on and on. Have you read about the upside for employers or employees? No. Here’s what’s in the news: How will investors make out? Which management team will be in charge? Who gets how many board...


The Anthem Cigna Acquisition Deal: At a Glance for Employers

With the big five — United Health Care, Anthem, Aetna, Humana and Cigna now (Aetna acquires Humana) — down to the big three it is critical that employers use new approaches to control medical costs. If anyone is hoping that these recent deals will create better employer or consumer outcomes you must be living in...


How Transparent Are Private Exchange Fees?

How transparent are private exchange fees? Respected online publication Employee Benefits News recently answered that question in an article of the same name dated June 17, 2015. Author Brian Kalish states, “HR departments lack a clear understanding of fees and commissions attached to private exchanges, with many early exchange adopters uncovering fees once they start...


Benefits Managers Are Set up for Failure (Part Two)

In part one of “Benefits Managers are Set Up for Failure,” author Eric Krieg exposed the difficult job benefits managers have of balancing their day-to-day responsibilities while trying to make meaningful and impactful change to the company’s benefits program. Here’s an example of how benefits managers often operate: A benefits manager is responsible for $10...


Benefits Managers Are Set up for Failure (Part One)

You most likely know benefits managers have an important responsibility to make decisions regarding company health, dental, prescription drugs, disability and life insurance on behalf of entire organizations. Titles for these professionals can range from the senior vice president of human resources to the benefits manager to a number of titles in between. Yet, even...