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Brandt Stiggins

Brandt Stiggins

Did you ever meet Brandt Stiggins of Risk International? You’d remember if you did. He’s mildly intense. One hundred percent genuine. And a guy who lives by the mantra, “Never follow the norm because greatness comes from unbalance.”

Brandt Stiggins

Sometimes, being the truth-teller in the room is a lonely place.

But not for these Risk International executives who all graduated from Brigham Young University over the past 30 years.

These gentlemen have banded together and built a successful business based on helping Fortune 1,000 and mid-market enterprises save approximately $1,000,000,000 since 1986 just by continually doing the next right thing.

How did they do that? You ask.

“We’ve built our company on integrity, hard work and frugality,” says Michael Davis, chief executive officer of Risk International Services and 1988 BYU grad. “Risk International is a reflection of the BYU spirit of independence (like the university’s football team) coupled with a fierce determination to go forth and serve,” he adds.

What is Risk International?

Risk International is an independent, outsourced risk and benefits management provider for Fortune 1,000 and mid-market enterprises with complex risk management and benefits challenges. The company is distinctly aligned with its clients in navigating the insurance landscape, with a no commission, fee-for-service model that ensures objective advice. Risk International balances world class expertise, creative thinking and a fearless approach to helping businesses convert risk to opportunity.

A Commitment to Values and Experience

A shared background adds to the experience. Risk International’s BYU grads have a common history of doing all those things that make attending the University a fond memory such as hiking the Y, struggling through American Heritage class, floating down the Provo River, hiking Mount Timpanogos and attending Cougar football and basketball games.

“Our shared traditions and focused mission make for a very transparent client experience,” says Davis. “Risk International’s clients have come to expect objective advice from an independent ally. That’s what we’re known for across the industry,” he adds.

Growth and the Future

Over the years, the company has largely increased its service offerings to include merger and acquisition due diligence, actuarial services and employee benefits management. Today, Risk International continues to serve clients from a position that is independent from the insurance industry’s incentives and conflicts of interest.

Those of us at Risk International like to think of ourselves as industry watch dogs. For example, in the Risk International Benefits Advisory (RIBA) group, we review every dollar you spend and recommend a solution that’s aligned with your financial goals and corporate culture.

“When you work with us, you gain critical advantage through a reduced total cost of risk, increased profitability and the peace of mind that comes with more stable and predictable risk management and benefits management models, Davis adds.

Brandt Stiggins is a 2003 BYU graduate.