Risk International is today’s preeminent risk and benefits management firm. We are not brokers. As an independent firm we are unbiased and free from the insurance industry’s conflicting interests and incentives. Our experts work with you to optimize your risk and benefits programs. We relentlessly pursue results and generate billions of dollars of shareholder value for our clients year after year.

Risk International History

We know what you need as a client. That’s because we were once a risk management department within an organization. In 1985, Zapata Corporation moved its risk management department out of the corporation, giving birth to Risk International Services, Inc. Once independent, the new company continued to provide high-quality risk management to Zapata, but also began adding more services, more value. That same year the independent Risk International began providing a fully integrated program of outsourced risk management services to the Fortune 200 company BFGoodrich. As a result, we:

  • Became independent in August 1986
  • Established our mission: Protect corporate resources, optimize total cost of risk (TCOR)
  • Reduced collective client TCOR by more than $750 million 2014 YTD
  • Found lost policy limits of more than $41 billion 2014 YTD
  • Zapata (now Harbinger Group Inc.) and BFGoodrich (now part of United Technologies Corporation) remain clients to this day